Another night traveling through the Twilight Zone, with yours, truly.

Worked today 1-9, unexpectedly arriving to witness my co-worker, Kasey, arriving at the exact same time as I. Interesting, I thought, considering she was originally to work 11-4. Thankfully, I find out the shift has been changed to 1-6. A rush/sigh of relief carries over thy.

Break at work went better than expected, leaving out all of the “hardcore” details. 

Definitely worked very hard at the store, & once again was another prime example of me should’ve have taken a “before & after” picture regarding the work I had accomplished. Seriously, not even kidding. 

No matter, time flew by, I made some money, spent some, saved some, and that was a wrap. I know that tomorrow brings something more; always…🗿


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