Just another Saturday…or was it?

Today my grandparents & sister stopped by the house before I went into work at 2pm. Fortunately & coincidentally, they arrived at close to the same time. 

I had the privilege and blessing of witnessing my sister attempt to teach my dad dances they’ll be performing at her wedding. My dad never dances. Ever.

I had the privilege and blessing of witnessing my mom kiss her father (aka my grandfather) on the lips before my grandparents drove back home. Think about that for a little while, in a nutshell of course. It’s big-time.

Today was NOT your ordinary Saturday, my friends. Oh it was that and so much more…✌


Another night traveling through the Twilight Zone, with yours, truly.

Worked today 1-9, unexpectedly arriving to witness my co-worker, Kasey, arriving at the exact same time as I. Interesting, I thought, considering she was originally to work 11-4. Thankfully, I find out the shift has been changed to 1-6. A rush/sigh of relief carries over thy.

Break at work went better than expected, leaving out all of the “hardcore” details. 

Definitely worked very hard at the store, & once again was another prime example of me should’ve have taken a “before & after” picture regarding the work I had accomplished. Seriously, not even kidding. 

No matter, time flew by, I made some money, spent some, saved some, and that was a wrap. I know that tomorrow brings something more; always…🗿

Just another day in paradise…

Today is Wednesday, and I almost always work on this day, with today being an exception. I switched shifts with my co-worker, Amanda. So now I work on Sunday as opposed to today. I continue to tell myself that I will make guitar covers, with today being literally a perfect opportunity… that essentially slipped through my fingertips. But no matter, I spent a good amount of the time laying on the couch with my dog while she slept so peacefully. It almost would’ve been wrong on my part to interrupt or leave her, so I didn’t. Tomorrow is back to the office, and I can’t wait to see how the cold box looks. Still am currently looking for a”real”job, but the thought of that is in itself overwhelming. I’m 100% going to finish the A Flat guitar cover for Staind very soon, like the next couple of days soon. Just you wait & see.

RIP Mr Schiner & and my friend Tony Stewart. So ridiculous to think about bcuz these 2 individuals came into my life dating back only a few years. Mr Schiner was such a nice guy whenever I would see him over there. And Tony, oh the fun I had talking with you about rock music and KoRn. And playing fantasy football, you knew so much about the individual players and it blew me away every time. Anytime you would talk about the players and stats about them and whatnot, my jaw would always drop like ,” Damn, I can’t believe he knew that.” A nice kid also, definitely a nice kid and not someone who comes off as “mean” whatsoever. Man oh man will both of you be missed. But I have to truck on, for both of you two, for myself & my family. I’ll talk to you guys soon. One love🗿